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How can I pay a musician on Encore?
How can I pay a musician on Encore?

Here are all the payment options available to our customers.

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As a customer, paying your musicians on Encore is quick and seamless. Let's take a look at how it works.

Paying by Card

When paying by card, your payment is taken in two steps:

  • A 30% deposit is charged to your card once a musician has confirmed your Booking request. You can find out more about how to send a booking request here.

  • The remaining 70% is automatically charged to your card 28 days before the date of your event. This final payment can also be made manually up to 12 weeks before the event (i.e. 84 days), and you can update your card details at any time via your Enquiry page.

Paying by Bank Transfer

For bookings whose date is further than 2 weeks away, bank transfer payments are also taken in two steps. Once your booking is confirmed, you will have 3 days to pay your 30% deposit. Your remainder payment will then be due 2-8 weeks before your event, depending on your booking date.


For event dates that are less than 2 weeks away

We are currently unable to facilitate bank transfer payments for bookings that are less than 2 weeks away at the time of booking. If you cannot pay by card, you may wish to pay your musician by cash or cheque.

Paying by cash or cheque

Payment via cash or cheque lacks the security of a card transaction, and we do not recommend using this method unless it is a last resort. Due to the increased risk of the musician not being paid, we are also unable to provide Encore Basic and Encore Cover protection on bookings paid for via cash or cheque. Encore is also unable to guarantee refunds to customers using these payment methods.

Payment via cash or cheque is treated on a case-by-case basis, so you'll need to contact a member of the Encore team on 020 3111 1480 to use this.

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