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What are Basic protection and Encore Cover?
What are Basic protection and Encore Cover?

All about our booking protection service.

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On Encore, cancellations are extremely rare.

But in some situations, like bereavement or illness, circumstances may arise that mean your musician is unable to carry out the booking.

Don't worry though, if you've paid on Encore by card or bank transfer you'll be entitled to one of our two protection policies.

Basic protection (free)

Basic protection is applied to all bookings on Encore which are paid for by card or bank transfer. This entitles you to a full refund in the unlikely event of a musician cancellation. If you need a replacement musician, you'll need to submit a new enquiry on Encore.

For more personalised support and extra peace of mind, you'll want to consider Encore Cover.

Encore Cover (recommended)

Encore Cover is an optional service package we offer on all bookings that are paid for by card or bank transfer. It applies for scenarios where the musician can’t carry out the booking.

It includes:

  • Out of hours support: out of hours support from your dedicated Customer Service team, to make sure you have total peace of mind

  • Tailored replacement search: if an artist cancels, we'll find a replacement artist of an equal or better standard so you can relax knowing the show will go on

  • We'll cover the cost: if the replacement act is more expensive, we'll cover the difference up to 10% of the value of the original booking


  • Enhanced refund: get your full refund + £100 cash-back if it is not possible to find a suitable replacement act. *

Due to the increased resources needed to provide this service, we charge a small fee for Encore Cover. However, if you are booking music for an important occasion, we recommend you purchase this option to ensure your booking has the maximum level of cover we can provide.

*Please note that cash-back does not apply in the rare case of a Force Majeure cancellation

What if I need to cancel?
If you need to cancel your booking, please click the Cancel/Postpone button on your booking page, and our customer service team will be in touch to help.

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