What is Encore?

If you've only just found us and are curious what t is we do, read on.

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Encore is the UK's largest online network of musicians and the fastest way to find and book musicians.

What makes Encore different from other musician booking services?

Unlike traditional music agencies, Encore puts you directly in touch with the musicians who are most suited to your event. No hidden costs, no middle management, just great, local musicians at the best price.

How long will it take to book a musician?

Our technology means the booking process is incredibly fast. Though we're more than happy to offer a tailored service for clients who want to spend a bit more time weighing up their options, we've also fixed musicians for events at less than an hours notice.

Is Encore only based in the UK?

The Encore office is in London. Though we have booked gigs for musicians in France, Switzerland and the USA, the majority of the bookings we handle are for musicians in the UK and Ireland.

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