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How to submit an enquiry to find musicians on Encore
How to submit an enquiry to find musicians on Encore

How to publish an enquiry and find the right musicians on Encore.

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Booking a musician using Encore is the best way to guarantee you'll have the perfect musicians performing at your event. What's more, it's incredibly easy.

Here's how it works:

1. Decide on the style of music

  • When booking musicians for an event it's important that you have an idea of the style of music you'd like. If it's for a wedding reception you may want a string quartet to play quietly in the background if it's a full-on party you might want a 10-piece function band. Check out our bookings guides here for some great ideas and expert advice.

  • If you've already decided on the exact artist you'd like to book, you can head to their profile and book them directly. Click here to learn more about direct bookings.

2. Decide on your event details

  • Now you know what kind of musicians you're looking for, you'll need to decide on the details of your event so that our musicians can give you accurate quotes. The most important details to have to hand before completing the enquiry form are:

    • The postcode for your venue

    • How long you'd like your musicians to perform for

    • The date and time of your event

3. Complete the Enquiry form

  • Head to the Encore landing page, enter the musician type you're looking for into the search box and hit 'Start enquiry'. (Note: if you have an Encore musician account, you must be logged out at this stage.)

  • We'll need a bit more information before we can send you some quotes from available musicians. Complete each step in the form which pops up. The more information you leave, the more accurately our musicians can quote.

  • Once you've reached the final stage, click "Submit".

Congratulations! Your enquiry will then be given a quick check over by our bookings team and then sent out to all relevant musicians in the Encore network.

You'll then shortly begin receiving applications from available musicians who you'll be able to compare and then book your favourite. Learn how to manage your enquiry here.

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