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10 Top Tips for a Successful Music Booking
10 Top Tips for a Successful Music Booking

How to ensure everything goes smoothly with your musician on the day.

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So, you've got your artist booked for your event. You've made your payment so you don't have to worry about cash on the day, you've confirmed when and how they'll get there and depart, and they know exactly what style of music to perform.


But what about the day itself? Here's our guide to making sure you have a perfect working relationship with your musicians.

  1. Single point of contact: if you're likely to be busy on the day of the event, make sure that the musicians have a single point of contact they can talk to on the day if they have any problems.

  2. Food and drink: particularly if they are performing for a long time, musicians will need to have access to drinking water nearby. If it is a large event, often a nice touch is to provide musicians with some food or drink. Please be aware Encore musicians are discouraged from accepting alcohol for the duration of their booking.

  3. Toilet facilities: this one is common sense. No one wants a gap in the music because they weren't told where the facilities were beforehand!

  4. Requests and sing-alongs: though some musicians will be happy to take requests on the day, most prefer to receive some notice so that they can plan the song or piece as part of their set. We would recommend that requests are made in advance if possible.

  5. Venue equipment and facilities: to allow the event to run smoothly, make sure the musicians know if the details of the venue's sound equipment beforehand (if it has any) - for example, a piano or PA system. If your musicians are performing outside, ensure the area is sheltered from rain and sun.

  6. Breaks: make sure you’ve discussed when your musicians would like to take a break. Most musicians will not want to play longer than an hour at a time without a 15-minute break, but they will be open to discussion.

  7. Performance space: make sure the musicians are well aware beforehand of the area where they will be performing, particularly if it is outdoors or indoors.

  8. Performance conditions: please ensure that appropriate cover is provided should the musician be expected to perform outdoors, as well as sufficient power supply.

  9. Sound limits: make sure you check if your venue has a sound limit and relay this to the musicians beforehand.

  10. Tipping your musicians: tips are not typically expected but may be accepted on the day at the discretion of the musician.

  11. Leave a review: reviews are essential for musicians in helping them secure future bookings. Please help keep the Encore community trustworthy and transparent by reviewing your musicians.

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