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System requirements for using Encore
System requirements for using Encore

What setup you need to make the most out of Encore.

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We aim to make Encore as accessible as possible for all to use, but there are some operating systems, internet browsers, and devices we're not able to support.



For optimal experience using Encore, we recommend using a desktop computer. This contains the most up-to-date version of the platform.

Mobile and Tablet

The most important areas of the site (the Jobs board, the Application page, and the Bookings page) are optimised for mobile usage. However, some functionality, such as editing your profile and alert settings is a slicker experience on a desktop.


The app enables you to respond to job alerts while on the go. However, support for the app is limited, and though we have an update planned, we currently recommend using the mobile site over the app.

Operating system

We support the following operating systems:

  • Windows: 7 to current version

  • Mac: OS 10.9 to current version

Internet browser

We support the following browsers on Encore:

  • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox

  • The latest version of Google Chrome

  • The latest version of Apple Safari

Internet speed

We recommend a minimum WiFi internet download speed of >2.5 Mbps. Find out you internet speed here.

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