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Interview with Encore's Most Booked Musician
Interview with Encore's Most Booked Musician
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Note: due to a technical hitch the first part of this video couldn't be uploaded! Apologies!

0:00 Why use Encore
1:15 Video creation process
2:55 Cristinel's profile
4:00 Experience performing on live TV
6:40 Bookings in the pandemic
8:55 Most recent gig
9.45 Top piece of advice

Cristinel Bacanu has managed to rack up over 115 bookings since joining the Encore platform 3 years ago - most of those of course in the first 2 years - making him the most-booked Encore musician of all time. Perhaps his most high profile Encore gig involved him performing live on Good Morning Britain to Piers Morgan and members of Love Island.

His musical journey began when he learnt violin and viola at a music school in Bucharest before studying at Bucharest Conservatory, Ohio University and Arizona State University. He then moved to England in 2009 and has been performing here as a soloist and with his string ensemble Bacanu Strings ever since.

Here, Jonny Venvell interviews Cristinel at the recent Encore Drinks Online Event, March 2021.

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